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LED flashlight common jargon

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1. Flux Ф
Unit: lumens (lm)
The total energy of the emitted light was accepted by each person's eyes is the flux (Ф)
2 intensity l
Unit: candela (cd)
In general , the light is emitted to a different direction , and varying the intensity of visible light emitted in a particular direction is called the intensity of light intensity (l)
3 illuminance E
Unit: lux (lx)
Illuminance (E) is the share of the luminous flux coefficient between the area being illuminated .
1lx refers 1lm flux brightness evenly spread on the area 1lm2 plane.
4 Brightness Brightness
Unit cd / m² [ cd/m2 ] unit: cd / m
Brightness brightness
The object is marked with the intensity of the reflected light eyes from a view direction .
5 light effect Light effect
Unit: lumen [ lm / w ] unit: the lumen [ lm / w ]
Light efficiency is the light energy into electrical power .
6 Color Color temperature
Unit: Kelvin [ k ]
 When the light color and announced " bold" at a temperature radiant color phases together , "bold" color temperature becomes temperature of the light source . "Bold" The higher the temperature , the blue component of the spectrum is more , while the red component is less. For example, the incandescent light color is warm white color temperature marked as 2700K, and the color temperature of daylight fluorescent labeled approach is 6000K.
CRI Color rendering property
 In principle , artificial light should be the same as with natural light , people's eyes are able to correctly distinguish the color of things, of course , it should be based on the orientation of the lighting and intentions may be. Light colors appear on the extent of the object is called a color . Commonly called " color rendering index " (Ra).
Color refers to the color of things too ( its own color ) contact under certain norms revealed by light colors , Ra values concluded that the definition of the specification will IN9069 8 kinds of color in the test is the test specification source light source do comparison test indicated the smaller light color color color better , Ra value of the light source 100 is indicated , in its apparent object color and the light in the common specification .
Summary : LED flashlight common parameters generally include 6 : flux Ф, light intensity l, illuminance E, brightness Brightness, light effect Light effect, light effect Light effect, color temperature Color temperature